Albizzia amara, Boiv.

(Syn. Acacia amara, A. Wightii, Mimosa amara)

F amily: Leguminosae - Mimosoideae  

Telugu Name: Narlingi, Konda Chiga:


A very common tree in all the forests with generally a short bole and very crooked branches. It is one of the characteristic species of dry hilly regions. It grows on very poor and shallow soils. Identified by thin, smooth, dark greenish, scaly bark.­


Yellow or pinkish white fragrant flowers appear in April - June.

. The seed with raised and undulated marg.


The fruits ripen in November - January.

Morphology of the Fruit/Seed:

Pods 12 to 20 cms long and 2 to 3 cms broad in size; distinctly stalked; thin, flat, veined, greyish, brown, margins raised and undulated. Seeds 6 to 8 per pod.

Seed Collection and Storage:

Seed collection is made in January to March; abundant fruiting in every year. Ripe pods are collecte from the tree, dried and thrashed to extract the seeds. Seeds can be stored for two years without l_ in viability.


Seed Biology:

No. of seeds per Kg.

Purity percent

Moisture percentage

Germmation percentage

Plant percent

No. of seedling per Kg. of seetl








Soak the seeds in boiled water and allow the contents to cool for 24 hours.

Nursery Technique:

It is rarely raised in nursery as direct sowing is good enough for plantations.