Albizzia lebbeck, (L) Benth.
Family: Legumunosae - Mimosoideae

Common Name : Siris

Telugu Name : Dirisanam

General :
     Occurs wild in the forests as well as avenues and gardens. It can grow on a variety of soils. It comes up well on laterites. Deep loamy soils with good moisture supply supports good growth while stiff clay, gravelly soils restrict the growth. Identified by greenish white flower heads and straw-coloured pods.

Flowering :

Flowering occurs in May to August.

Fruiting :
Pods ripen during December to February, remains on the trees for a long time.
Morphology of the Fruit/Seed :
Pods 15 to 30 by 2.5 to 5 cms in size; thin, flat, strap-shaped, round at both the ends; pale straw coloured, reticulately veined. Seeds 6 to 12, 8-12 mm by in size, ovate or oblong, compressed, pale brown, smooth with a hard testa.
Seed Collection and Storage :
Pods are collected, dried, thrashed and winnowed to get clear seeds. The viability of the seeds remains well for at least one year. It should be stored in sealed tin with insecticide since the seeds suffer from borer attack.
Seed Biology :

No.of seeds per kg.

Purity percent

Moisture percentage

Germination percentage

Plant percent

Seedlings per Kg. of seed

Germination period in days

6700 to 11,000



65 to 70

40 to 75

2960 to 9240

7 to 30

Pretreatment :

Soak the seeds for 24 hours in boiled water and allow to cool; or soak the seed in cold water for 48 hours; or immerse in H2SO4 for 5 minutes.

Nursery Technique :

Pretreated seeds are either sown in primary beds in March to April in lines (15 cms apart) and in the lines 2 cms apart. After 5 cms of growth, the seedlings are pricked out to polybags. The seeds can also be directly put in the bags (2 per each)