Ceiba pentandra, (Linn.) Gaerta)
(Syn. Eriodendron anfractuosum)
Family : Bombracaceae
Common Nane : White Silk-Cotton Tree
Telugu Name : Tella buruga

General :

This species has been planted throughout the state, mostly on the roadsides, in the back-yards, gardens etc. Identified by smooth green bark (turning grey with age) studded with short conical prickles when young. Recommended for plantation on deep and porous sandy loams or on alluvial flats.

Flowering :

Yellowish flowers appear in December to January with the advent of new leaves. They emit in the night a powerful odour.

Fruiting :
Fruits ripen in March to April.
Morphology of the Fruit/Seed :
Capsule 7.5 to 12.5 cms by 3.5 cms, cylindrical, green, pointed at both ends. The cells inside the fruit are lined with long, white silky wool. Seeds black, globose, 0.5 cm.
Collection of Seed and Storage :
The fruits are collected from the trees by means of a hooked knife attached to long bamboo poles and then they are dried in the sun. After the dehiscence of the fruit, the seeds are collected. A capsule contain 120 to 175 seeds. The seeds retain viability for one year.
Seed Biology :
No. of seeds per Kg.
Germination percentage
Plant percent
No. of seedlings per Kg. of seed
Pretreatment :
Not required.
Nursery Technique :
Seeds are sown in polypots at the rate of 2 seeds per bag. Germination starts within 7 days and gets completed within 20 days. 30 to 60 cms tall seedlings are planted out in the field in August.