Dendrocalamus strictus, Nees
Family : Poaceae
Common Name : Male Bamboo
Telugu Name : Yeduru, Veduru

General :

This is the most common bamboo occuring in deciduous forests throughout the State. It prefers well-drained soil of any type, growing gregariously on hill slopes. In dry and poor soils, the clumps are smaller and solid whereas in fertile soils, they reach bigger dimensions and hollow. This is a drought hardy species.

Flowering :

Flowers sporadically in isolated clumps but gregarious flowering occurs once in 20 to 30 years. Flowers in dense globular mass appear from November to December.

Fruiting :
Seeds ripen in March to April.
Morphology of the Fruit / Seed :
Caryopsis, shining, yellowish brown, hairy only at the paex, 1 to 1.5 cm long, ovoid, beaked.
Seed Collection and Storing :
Fruits are collected by spreading a cloth on the ground and then beating the panicles. Then they are dried and winnowed. Viability remains for a short period.
Seed Biology :
No. of seeds per Kg.
Purity percent
Moisture percentage
Germination percentage
Plant percent
No. of seedlings per Kg.
30,000 +- 1,052
Pretreatment :
Not required.
Nursery Techniques :
250 gms of seed broadcast on the raised beds (3 x 10 mt) in April which yield 7000 plants. A layer of husk is covered over the bed. Germination is seen after 10 days. After 4 to 6 weeks, the seedling is transplanted to polythene bags.