Emblica officinalis, Geartn.

(Syn. Phyllanthus Emblica)

Family: Euphorbiaceaea

Common Name : Amla

Telugu Name : Usiri

General :

It is a common species of dry deciduous forests. It is identified by greenish grey bark exfoliating in small irregular patches and light green feathery foliage. Recommended for afforestation on dry rocky areas and refractory sites. It is a light demander and sensitive to drought. It coppices well and produces root suckers.

Flowering :

Greenish yellow flowers in dense panicles develop along the leaf-bearing branchlets in March to May.

Fruiting :

Fruit ripens from October to February.

Morphology of the Fruit/Seed :

Fruit fleshy, globose, 1-2 cms in diameter, pale yellow, sometimes reddish when ripe, 3-celled, 6-seeded , Seeds reniform , shining, reddish brown, small.

Seed Collection and Storage :

Seeds are extracted by drying the ripe fruits collected during January until they burst with cracking sound when the seeds come out. Seeds have very short viability. 80 to 85 kgs. Of fruits give 1 kg of seeds.

Seed Biology :

No.of seeds per kg.

Germination percentage

Time taken for germination in days

No.of seedlings per Kg. of seed

Plant percent

65,000 to 90,000


40 to 50

24 to 27

26,000 to 36,000


No pretreatment is necessary. But it is better to put in cowdung slurry for 48 hours.

Nursery Technique :

Pretreatment or pregerminated seeds are put in bags in March with the provision of overhead shads. Germination commences from 24 days of sowing. With regular watering, the plants are ready for planting in July to August.