Hardwickia binata, Roxb.
Family : Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae
Common Name : Anjan
Telugu Name : Yepi, Narayepi
General :
Commonly seen along Godavari and a common associate of Red Sanders. Identified by greyish green cariaceous bifoliate leaves. For its best development, a deep porous soil with well-fissured underlying rock is required. It is a drought resistant species.
Flowering :
Pale yellowish green flowers appear from July to September.
Fruiting :
Pods ripen from April to June.
Morphology of the Fruit / Seed :
Pods 5 to 8 cms long, brownish, flat, coraiceous oblong-lanceolate with parallel longitudinal veins, 1-seeded near the top. Seed is flat, 2.0 cms by 0.8 cm in size; sub-reiniform, pointed at one end and rounded at the other with a fairly hard testa.
Seed Collection and Storage :
Pods can be collected by lopping branches, dried for 3-4 days and then stored in the gunny bags or sealed tins with heavy dose of insecticide. Good seed years once in 3-5 years in different locations. It can be stored for one year.
Seed Biology :
No. of seed per Kg.
Germination percentage
Plant percent
Purity percent
Time taken for germination
Moisture percentage
No. of seedlings per Kg. og seed
4800 to 5200
38 to 80
15 to 32
3 to 21
1000 to 1500
Pretreatment :
Not required.
Nursery Technique :

Seeds are sown in primary bed in August after collection and the seedlings are transplanted when 6 to 8 cms tall polythene bags. 10 months old seedlings are planted out.