Madhuca longifolia, Var. Latifolia, Linn.
(Syn. Bassia latifolia)
Family : Sapotaceae
Common Name : Mahuwa, Butter tree
Telugu Name : Ippa

General :

It is found throughout Andhra Pradesh, being a characteristic tree of moist dry mixed deciduous forest. It prefers a sandy soil but also grows on shallow, bouldery soils. Identified by exudation of milky latex and clustering of leaves at the ends of the branches. It is a drought hardy species.

Flowering :

Green coloured scented flowers appear in February to April.

Fruiting :
Fruits ripen from June to July.
Morphology of the Fruit / Seed :
The fruit is a green egg shaped fleshy berry, 2.5 to 5.0 cms long, containing 1 to 4 brown polished seeds of 1 to 3 cms long.
Seeds Collection and Storage :
Ripe fruits are collected by shaking the branches and the seeds are separated from the fruits by pressing and they are then dried. The seed, being oily, loses its viability quickly on storge. Good seed years occur in every alternate year. The seed collection is short and much of the seed crop is lost in rains.
Seed Biology :
No. of seeds per Kg.
Germination percentage
No. of seedlings per Kg. of seed
Time taken for germination in days
13 to 57
Pretreatment :
Not necessary.
Nursery Technique :

Seeds is sown soon after collection in the nursery beds and covered with a layer of soil of 2 cms thickness. One month old seedlings are pricked out of the polythene bags. The growth of the seedlings is slow.